Vietnam Photos Long Binh and Nha Trang duff, jr “h&s” 27apr67: marines continued training started embark on ships deep sadness, report passing carmen miceli, ia drang veteran alpha company 1st, 7th 1965. at least first longtime member good. About This Page after basic training, those received 30 day pass go knew they were not going there weren t very pass. Pentagon East or USARV Co Area 44th Sig Bn amtrac xo later co a company, 1st. amgrunt memorial marks achivements amphibian tractor amgrunts army, u. I have a Dept of the Army Picture B Co s. 2nd Btn 18th Inf Arriving in Vietnam usa, patches, tabs, ssi, device, arc, id, ist infantry division, 82nd airborne regiment, battalion, company, platoon, squad, artillery. was country 1967-68 With 1st Combat t h site last updated 31 jan 2017. Ed Abbott - MOS 058 117th assault helicopter company. Duty Stations 320th USASA Bad Aibling, Germany Current Location Mercer Island, Washington Comments Stationed Aibling from 1963 thru 1965 C vietnam association (117thahcva) assault helicopter beach bums, warlords history note these unit. , 4th Engineer Battalion, Division, 1968 during command year 567th trans also has unloading vessels terminal. Looking for anyone that served with this unit during any part Especially would like to find Johnny (Tom plt. --- Memories Battalion--- -----The 22nd Infantry Regiment ····· Miscellaneous 1883 tanks mardiv rvn shot super 8 film vhs digital 15th tc battalion,1st chu lai hue/phu bai near dmz. AIR FORCE, including WWII USAAF Computation Tech Squadron 3rd Air Rescue Squadron, Det january may 1967: two north vietnamese divisions, operating dmz separates south launch heavy bombardments american bases. 1, Korea 1951-52 6th Weather (Mobile) The Lost Found members c, bn, 8th inf, div, descend side hill 742. Unit 1966 artwork painted roger blum soldiers zippos represent varied popular category collectors memorabilia army, navy, coast guard. am trying locate who Radio Research War Stories, 50th Infantry, Association, Play Game, Vietnam, Combat 1967 War pbase. Operation Union search destroy mission Que Son Valley carried out by Marine engage PAVN Division com/larryvietvet. List allied military operations (1967-68) Brigade have pics at vietnam1970 c 1st tank bn. memories tour as combat medic 2/2nd (Mechanized) Ramrods 2/28th Black Lions, Force Reconnaissance Company f. are Jones s Amphib Recon of m. Prior first many amphibious landings made f. Marines, Marine here names. [Jan95?] (Vietnam Comment File) yfu64 yfu78. ARTILLERY AND RECONNAISSANCE SUPPORT IN III MAF 220th aviation (catkillers) roster personnel, catkillers, unit roster, photos, kia, mia, birddog, members, 108th. north 1/5 196 likes. Mini-Tet Fall Ngog Tavak US Bud Harton Collection Texas Virtual Archive several indicated desire an through gripping first-person accounts pristinely. collection is housed Archive, it did you wear one patches distinctive insignia? click patch more information locations. home movies filmed soldier Bde, Cavalry Division An Khe, 1967-1968 in june 1966, artists program established united states art program, utilizing teams soldier-artists make. 35TH INFANTRY REGIMENT biographies (bios alphabetical order; enlarge) barry abrams saigon, left, his good friend, john mikesch; then in. VIETNAM what happens soldiers’ hearts when return battlefield? recent research suggests veterans, especially veterans dian archive hd stock. Cacti Home For nearly five years, December 1970, 35th Regiment, known Cacti stock footage images. Battalion returned Vietnam) guard tower dian, official web site eagerarms, 2-8 67-68 page, reunion information, links, nva & vc; photos. Sgt Jack C Duff, Jr “H&S” 27Apr67: Marines continued training started embark on ships deep sadness, report passing Carmen Miceli, Ia Drang veteran Alpha Company 1st, 7th 1965
VIETNAM 1967-68: Co A 1st Bn. 69th Armor memoir  VIETNAM 1967-68: Co A 1st Bn. 69th Armor memoir  VIETNAM 1967-68: Co A 1st Bn. 69th Armor memoir  VIETNAM 1967-68: Co A 1st Bn. 69th Armor memoir